This is the first version of a live demo of VisualRadio Flash. To work with it, install it from the download page and start it.


  • For 'Device #1 choose 'AOR [NEW] and click 'Connect'
  • Port = 54080
  • Description "AR 5700D"
  • Click OK
  • Click OK


Then click one after the other

  • LOOP
  • PLAY

Select a file, e.g. 042720_002919_0006000000.VRT, from. Now you can try out all the functions except the bandwidth.


More Live Demo...


Download and install the Database Addon

Start VR Flash as above

In the Database Addon click the folder at the left of the toolbar

In the dialog box click 'Cancel'

Press F7 – You should see the frequency and signal in the addon

Select 'Extras -> VisualRadio Basic'

Download and navigate to the script 'Triggerdata_7.VRS'

Open it – it should be displayed in the editor

Press F5 to run the script

To stop the script select 'Run -> Break'

Set const conDebug = 0 to make it really fast