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VisualRadio - Sophisticated Software for AOR Receivers AR-2300, AR-5001, AR-6000 and AR-DV1

New: Flash Flash 4.1.0 with End-to-End Encryption, Terminal 2.3.1 And
Cryptor 1.0.5
incl. Crypto Communications


What is VisualRadio?

Visual Radio is a suite of tools designed to make your daily work easier. It currently consists of

  • VisualRadio Flash for remote control of the newer AOR receivers such as AR-2300, AR-5001, AR-6000 and AR-DV1. Since these devices, with the exception of the AR-DV1, can output the spectra of a selectable frequency range with variable resolution, they are particularly suitable for the rapid detection of signals at moderate costs
  • VisualRadio Database for remote control of other commercial receivers and creation of own programs by the customer

  • VisualRadio Terminal to become familiar with the functions of the suite
  • VisualRadio Cryptor for tap-proof encryption of both remote control commands and chats according to the AES standards

The new VisualRadio provides a Communications Intelligence gathering system, combining the functionality and flexibility of software based equipment to solve the technical needs of the professional community. This allows the rapidly changing solutions – available commercially Off-The-Shelf – to be provided within a customized system, ensuring that the supplied solution is technically advanced.

At the heart of the system is VisualRadio Flash, a programmable software interface for the newer AOR receivers. It receives commands from any source and transmits the results back via TCP/IP. Most of the time the receivers will be busy with the transmission of spectra and numerical values of frequency and level of triggered signals for further processing.

Because of the protocol used it is easy to integrate VR Flash as the source of signals of interest (SOI). Maximum span is currently 10 MHz with the AOR AR-2300, AR-5001 and AR-6000. The AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 do not provide a signal stream but may be used for demodulation of various types of (including digital) modulation.