VisualRadio 12

  • It can be used in a Windows-compatible network environment over
  • TCP/IP to control equipment worldwide. Runs from XP to Windows 10
  • Audio transmission and simultaneous reception
  • Automatic identification of stations at tuned frequencies
  • Unlimited number of Microsoft Access databases
  • Unlimited number of user-defined tables
  • Additional fields can be added anytime to any table
  • Provision for storing SQL queries for later  use
  • Easy filtering of tables by using SQL queries
  • Sorting of a tables fields by a mouse click
  • All data in all columns of all tables can be searched and replaced
  • Database analysis according to customized criteria
  • Multiple scales (dBm, dBmV, dBµV, mV RMS, mV Peak and S-Units)
  • Support for WAVECOM decoders
  • VisualRadio Basic


VisualRadio Flash

  • Controls AOR AR2300, AR5001, AR6000, AR-DV1
  • Communicates over the internet / LAN, no ARL 2300 necessary, save $900,00
  • Establish your own network
  • Listen to the Stations and talk to your friends
  • Have your own remote controlled station
  • Client/Server architecture
  • Low cost


We also sell monitoring equipment manufactured by ROHDE & SCHWARZ and data decoders by WAVECOM. Below is only a small fraction of equipment we sell. Just contact us.




R&S EM510 R&S EM550
R&S EM510  R&S EM550

AOR AR2300 / AR5001 / AR6000 / AR-DV1 WAVECOM W-CODE
AR2300  WAVECOM W-Code
VisualRadio Flash   
VisualRadio Flash   


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