AR-DV1 Unterstützung bald verfügbar!


Neu: VisualRadio Flash für AOR wird in DL von der Firma boger electronics gmbh vertrieben



Download VisualRadio Flash for AOR AR-2300, AR5001 and AR-6000 Demo

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No need for the AOR ARL-2300 for a fraction of the cost!

Remote control and audio included. A true Client/Server software


Download VisualRadio 12 Demo

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Realtime Signal Catching




to VisualRadio, Worldwide Remote Control and Radiosignal Acquisition with excellent audio quality over very small channels.

Right from the start VisualRadio was developed with the professional user in mind.

 Important tasks to be realized were  ease of operation, crystal clear audio, extensibility, and the integration of databases to simplify tuning and analysis. This software is in use with various NATO armies and Police organizations. It is designed for government, law enforcement and professional applications. Tools are provided for maintaining frequency databases, advanced monitoring, recording and analysis.


We also sell the finest in radio technology and data decoding: products manufactured by ROHDE & SCHWARZ and WAVECOM. If you need a special solution just contact us.



VisualRadio Flash Client/Server is available NOW 40 kHz to 6 GHz: Scans up to 10 MHz in a fraction of a second



        A TCP - Terminal   connected to Flash Server -     
        Reporting Found Frequencies -   Spectrumdisplay in Store

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